Monday, November 30, 2009

scents of the season: Perfume & Body Spray Installation

I hope you are enjoying my scents of the season installations! I have a shower and closet full of products and love to test and compare. I think my interest peaked when I worked as the beauty marketplace editor for an organic magazine which helped fuel my interest in all things that are green. Truthfully, I tend to be attracted to natural oils instead of perfume for every day use. However, sometimes I need a pick me up, especially for date night with my husband or for a night out with the girls! 

Ginger, cloves and an exotic blend of Moroccan rose and Arabian jasmine make up Tishka Oriental Fragrance. This provocative scent will take you through the holidays and into the spring.

Bergamot, sandlewood, and bitter orange makes Citron de Vigne the perfect scent for date night.

Throw this solid perfume in your evening bag and reapply for easy touch-ups.

Reuse this recycled bottle after you finish spritzing Fruits & Passion Cranberry Love cranberry scented perfume.

You won't regret buying Tsi-La roll on mini-perfume in Saqui. Even better, snag the mini collection of their organic roll on oils in 4 unique scents.

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  1. Well,the perfume bottle is often meant to be a physical representation of the perfume and I am so inspired on those perfume. Keep posting!



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