Thursday, November 12, 2009

Excursion Review: Asian-Oasis Tours

Sailing on the June Bahtra was one of the many fond memories we have of our travels through SEAsia. In my previous posts I discussed our day excursion on the beautiful schooner- the June Bahtra. The boat is owned by Asian Oasis, a boutique tour company that runs unique tours, treks, and cruises throughout Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos. We stumbled upon their website when we were researching transportation options to Laos. This particular tour was in Phuket, Thailand and I highly recommend it.

Our itinerary:
They picked us up from our hotel and drove us to the marina
We hopped on board the beautiful boat and embarked on our journey through Phang Nga Bay
11:00 ish 
We boarded a long tail boat which took us to the Sea Gypsy village and James Bond Island & Rock
The long tail boat took us back to the June Bahtra where a delicious Thai meal was waiting for us
After we filled up our tummies they handed out fruit and some got out to swim
We arrived back at the marina

  • The staff was wonderful and most spoke english and you can request a tour guide who speaks french or german. 
  • You can ask for refreshments at any time and they passed out fruit (one of my favorite things to eat in Thailand). 
  • The food was delicious and we went back for seconds! 
  • We brought our own towels but they have some on board if you need one. 
  • There is also a canopy that covers most of the deck if you don't want to be in the sun for that long.
  • Everything is included in the price except for alcohol.

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  1. that looks amazing...

    thanks for your compliment on my video editing. I kept getting frustrated because of all the splicing i had to do (i talked TOO MUCH) and the volume effects lol so i appreciate that.

    im so glad you entered my giveaway <3


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