Friday, November 13, 2009

The June Bahtra- Pt. 3 (The Missing Chapter)

* I mentioned in my recent posts that I would elaborate on the loony 75+ year old french woman who was on our boat. She, we call her frenchie, and her boy toy, this italian stallion who was at least 30+ years younger than her, complained throughout the entire trip. Frenchie mentioned she just had 'surgery' done and needed a month to get away so she came to Thailand. She had some serious work done on her face as it was still puffy and red. Throughout the entire excursion frenchie had a cigarette in her and kept throwing them into the ocean when she was done. As she would walk over to her boy toy to ask for another one, her breast, yes frenchie’s breast, would fall out of her bikini. She would walk around the boat with her boob hanging out and start talking to people who were obviously embarrassed to have a conversation with her in that state. 

When we got to the Sea Gypsy village she demanded money for a cigarette and a soda from the tour guide. Frenchie had to have one or else. He certainly wasn't going to give her his hard earned money so she attempted to ask the rest of us. Jason and I quickly walked in the opposite direction and by the time we all met up to leave someone apparently gave in and bought frenchie a soda (although she was angry no one on the island sold smokes). Alas, for the next couple hours frenchie sat and walked around the boat, breast exposed, and we all just kind of chuckled :)

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