Saturday, November 28, 2009


Greetings from Napa Valley, California!

Recently I was awarded blog awards from two fellow favorite bloggers Beauty and a Budget & Absolutely Not Martha. It took me all night to prepare my here goes:
"I'd like to thank my manicurist, hair stylist, massage therapist, beautician, life coach, psychologist, my dog, my Starbucks barista, liquor store owner, and last but not least, my husband"...ha! Seriously, the last time I received an award was when I was in grammar school, I won the spelling bee. I remember how proud I was to show my parents the blue ribbon I won and they in turn were so pleased they posted it on the fridge.
Not only am I pleased and thankful on this lovely Thanksgiving to receive recognition from two fabulous bloggers but I am also happy to pass this lovely award along. Here are some of my fave bloggers. Please take a minute, check them out, and have a lovely Thanksgiving!!
A Girl in Asia
Apartment #34
Being and Nothingness
Farmhouse Musings
Les Filles Giada et Cairo
Livit, Luvit
Lost in Translation


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