Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Craving for Bleu

Last night I tossed and turned until 3am'ish. My husband was snoring (per usual) and I had cheese on the brain. After every toss and turn I made an image of bleu cheese would flash in mind. Yes, blue (or bleu) cheese. I love, love, love the big bad bleu. Every cheese is unique: some are buttery, gooey, peppery, or stinky. Some are made from cow's, goat's, or sheep's milk. I don't discriminate when it comes to the bleu, I just eat it. I love it on burgers, on salad, on pizza, as a dip, with french fries...the list goes on. Well, last night I couldn't stop thinking of blue cheese, to the point my mouth was watering! Today I had my fix Green Salad with Marie's Premium Super Blue Cheese, mmmmm.  Tell me, after you look at these photos, that your mouth isn't watering??!

butternut squash risotto w/ rosemary & blue cheese from

bacon blue cheese butter on steak from

the big ben burger featured on

veal chops & roasted potatoes with blue cheese dressing and mint,


  1. just letting you know i left something for you on my blog today. :)

  2. oh wow. you just made me very hungry!! and i don't even prefer blue cheese. lol

    maybe it's this whole 1300 calories per day kick i'm on? whatever, im gonna go eat something cheesy now...

    and i am going to write a little about my myth class, since you asked--thank you! : D <3


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