Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Christmas Shopping...Already?

Yes, I am. I actually shop year round. If I see something that sparks my interest in a catalog, online, or a magazine, I tear or print it out and place it in my all important holiday file. This way, when it's birthday or holiday time I have a go to file of items to either buy or get ideas from. Currently I am thinking of gifts for my girlfriend Heather's triplets. Heather and her husband Danny gave birth to three beautiful irishmen last year, and being the best auntie that I can be, I want to find fun and unique gifts for them this Christmas. And since she is kind of picky, I need to find gifts that have some mileage on them and won't clutter her house. Here are some top picks I found so far.

Eco-friendly growth chart. It doubles as a coat hook when rotated 180 degrees. And I'm pretty sure they will think this is cool as they get older. (Aunt Mimi has the cool factor).

What child doesn't love radio flyer?

Fun in the snow!

Non-toxic trucks including a recycling truck!


  1. aww i would've liked those! that really is such a good idea, making a holiday file year round. i think it would help cut down on impulse buys at this time of year, too <3


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