Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Grey's Anatomy has been one of my long-standing loves. I think the story lines are always unexpected and half way through I shed a week's full of tears. Not because it's always sad, but because it's that good. Emotion provoking television. Now, my husband might disagree, but I have to say this season has been no exception. Although we lost George :( I think the rest of the cast has been given strong scripts and some great love interests. Here is a look back on some of my fave, tear-jerking moments in years past.


  1. I haven't been watching it this season. What happened to George? I love the music though, and I always find myself crying, too. I wish I hadn't lost track of it, but somehow I did...must've forgotten to DVR it or something.

  2. Grey's is one of my favorite TV shows. I've been watching the show since the very beginning and I've laughed and cried all along the various seasons and episodes.


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