Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Love is All We Need

I hope some of you got the chance to catch Oprah's show with Nicholas Kristof and his wife. They were discussing their book, Half The Sky. Nicholas Kristof is a Pulitzer Prize winning author who exposes human rights violations against women all over the world. I was introduced to his work through his op-ed columns in the NY Times several years ago. He posted several amazing articles and videos on sex slavery throughout Asia. Their book not only takes the reader through the sad but true state of sex slavery in Cambodia but also touches on rape in the Congo, gang rapes in Pakistan, and women dying of childbirth in Africa..among other atrocities. Although I haven't read it yet (it's on my holiday list), their discussion on Oprah was moving and eye-opening. Once again, my personal hero Somaly Mam was highlighted in the book and on the show. Her tireless work to free sex slaves is getting national recognition and bringing this horrific reality to our attention. There are now estimates that sex slavery has reached the tens of millions....can you believe that?? Tens of Millions. 

I have blogged about her before and I have to mention her book The Road of Lost Innocence again. It is not an easy book to read, but if you don't read it, who will? Remember it takes only one person to change a life and sometimes it's not enough to expect someone else to do it. Oprah created the 'For All Women Registry' which you can find on her website.  Here you can help a rape victim, save a slave, create a microloan, or simply spread the word. 

Recently Somaly spoke at the 2009 Women's Conference in California. Here is a link...she's about 16 minutes in.

I will leave you with some thoughts...Millions of women around the world are being tortured, raped, outcasted, vaginally mutilated, and die of starvation every day. Let me repeat- Millions of WOMEN. This has to be noted, because it's not men, it's women. And as women, we can make a change. As women we can change the world! Do it for your daughter, your mom, or grandma. I plead you to stand up and say or do something. 

Let their voices be heard through yours. 

I speak out for my mom and her future grandkids.
My mom and I


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