Tuesday, November 24, 2009

scents of the season: Home Scents Installation

There is nothing like coming in from the cold to a warm apartment and a lovely smelling living room. Candles and room sprays are my thing. I have at least 2 candles lit in my living room and kitchen and I have an oil burner in my bedroom. Oh, and I always have a diffuser in the bathroom! Seems like overkill, but I coordinate all of the scents so they harmonize with one another. Each room smells a little different but always smells good. Here are some of my favorites...I have so many I may turn this into a 2 part series!

I usually buy 2-3 bottles at a time of Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Patch room spray. I use it so often during the fall and winter months I run out by March!

Thymes seasonal scent Frasier Fur potpourri captures the fragrance of a freshly cut tree. Check their site for soaps and candles too!

This company is in my top 5. With over 20 different scents they've got enough to take you through the seasons. Check out their amazing soy candles, home sprays, body butters, and wonderful gift packages.

Madagascar Spice Soy Candle   &   Mediterranean Fig Perfume (I use it as a room spray!)

I have this Body Shop oil diffuser in my bedroom. I find that it disperses a more intense scent than hot wax holders.

Add a couple drops of Fruits & Passion festive oils- Winter Berries, Gui-Mistletoe, & Orange Cinnamon.

If you like a massive scent you will love Henri Bendel's candles. When I light one of his candles I do just that- I light only one. The scent fills up my entire apartment.

My red flower products are some of the more luxurious home scents I own. Their candles, hair products, and diffusers smell great, but if I had to pick just one, I would go with their diffusers. Although a bit expensive, the beautiful recycled vase it comes in is well worth it. I gave my brother the Cardamom Amber Resin diffuser several years ago and he still talks about!

I just picked up Mrs Meyer's Iowa Pine Holiday diffuser at my supermarket. Smells great and keeps my bathroom smelly-free.

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