Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Eco Trippin

Big names have entered the earth-friendly fashion arena and their products are being sold for a big price (Stella McCartney dresses sell for over $1k). So, how can you and your family stay eco-trendy without blowing your paycheck? Here are some of my fave places to find note-worthy labels for less.

Healdsburg, CA
Northern California is a hot bed of all things green. You won't leave Arboretum without finding an inexpensive fab outfit. Featuring designers who are pushing the envelope on eco-fashion, Arboretum's mission is to provide great looking clothing while leaving a small environmental footprint. You would be remiss not to end your day at a local sustainable winery. Head to Porter Creek vineyards for a flight of their organic reds.
Arboretum, 332 Healdsburg Ave, 707.433.7033   Porter Creek, 8735 West Side Road, 707.433.6321

Brooklyn, NY
At Sodafine you will discover one-of-a-kind organic threads for under $100. The owner, Erin Weckerle, showcases sustainable clothing created by local artists. After you've filled up your bag, walk over to Bliss Cafe to fill up your stomach with one of their delicious vegan entrees.
Sodafine, 119 Grand Street, 718.230.3060   Bliss Cafe, 191 Bedford Ave, 718.599.2547

Chicago, IL
Chi-towners can shop at grow for child-friendly conscientious products. This is one stop shopping for the parent looking for functional, sustainable modern basics for your child. If you don't live in Chicago, check out their website, you will be impressed. Skip lunch and head to Spa Space where they feature mouth-watering treatments. Choose the Blueberry-Guava Wrap as your main course, ending with the Peppermint Patty Treatment for dessert!
grow, 1943 w division, 773.489.0009   Spa Space, 161 North Canal St, 312.466.9585


  1. I was just at Healdsburg and had the most amazing time and wine!

  2. HI Melanie! Andrea here form ARBORETUM. Geez, thanks so much for the kind words about our shop. I am thrilled that you like us enough to spread the word to your fine followers. Next time you come by the shop remind me or Kate that you have this blog and we will treat you "extra special"!

    Keep up the good work.



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