Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Cold Day in the Sun

Never ending planning! It feels like it'll be a cold day in the sun when we finish.
I think we have the 'where's'- Thailand (May), Laos (10 days in June), Vietnam (2-3 weeks in June), and finally Singapore (3-4 days). Although we skyped with friends of ours who live in Australia and now Jason is trying to find a way to fit Australia in!

I went to Thailand several years ago, so I am familiar with the country and can't wait to get back! The other stops will be a first, so we are still researching where we will stay, what we want to do, and how long we want to stay for. We will be in Koh Phangan (one of my fav islands) for the birth of Buddha (happens to be the same date as Jason's!) and the Full Moon Party...can't wait. Here are some photos of the island to give you a taste.
Thanks to Mel2 for taking these great photos.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Run & Tell All of the Angels

It's officially booked.

We leave NYC April 29th and land in BKK May 2nd. We were very very lucky to get a round trip Biz Class ticket for moi and a coach ticket for my husband for FREE! Well, not exactly for free...with miles. My ticket would have cost me $10k if I bought it online-crazy!

I can't wait to start my journey in a luxurious leather seat that folds out into a bed while sipping on red wine and noshing on an assortment of gourmet cheeses. Not to mention catching up on the latest movies.

I just wonder what my husband will be up to in coach...

I'm afraid he doesn't get the luxuries of biz class but we can always swap seats half way there :)

I know what you are thinking, but its a free biz class ticket on a 20+ hour flight!!

I feel like we've already started the journey with angels on our side and with a little more luck and patience we will finish planning this crazy trip.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Let's Get it Started

Welcome to Back to Buddha. This blog will host updates as my husband Jason and I travel through Asia.

I want to use this blog to give all of our friends, family, and fellow travel enthusiasts the latest updates on the planning and actual travels through Asia. My husband Jason and I are open to any suggestions you may have on where to go, eat, stay and play while we are there. We would like to make this one of the most rewarding trips of our lifetime!
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