Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Travel Shows That Inspire

I love the travel channel on tv and online. They always have the roundups that are worth watching- Top 10 Hawaiian Resorts or Genuine Eco Vacations- they give you just enough information to get you in the mood to travel. My two fave's are Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and Dhani Tackles the Globe.

Every time we watch a new episode of Bourdain's show we are always left salivating for more. We used his shows as a guide of 'where & what to eat' while we were traveling. In particular his Vietnam shows since he seems to know the place inside and out. Although his taste buds are far more adventurous than mine he instills an excitement of being able to find that hidden gem that serves the best Pho you've ever eaten (Pho= Vietnamese soup).

And Dhani Jones does the same throughout his show. The show follows Dhani Jones, an American football player, as he travels the world in search of each countries national sports pastime. From Muay Thai boxing in Thailand to dragon boat racing in Singapore, he brings to light a tradition from each country that is much different than the next. And, well I'll be honest, he's not too bad to look at too! He's always in a nice suit or tight bathing suit (cue husband rolling his eyes).

Next up is a new show called Man Shops Globe premiering tonight on the Sundance Channel. It follows Keith Johnson, buyer from Anthropology, as he travels the world in search of key finds for the store. Now tell me what better job is there than this?? Seriously. He gets to travel the world, meet different people, eat fantastic food, and shop...on THEIR DOLLAR! Tune in tonight.

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