Monday, October 19, 2009

Bitchin n' Moanin Mondays

This week: Parents who put their children through hell just to be famous or as I call them 'Reality TV Show Freaks'. You know who I'm talking about...Jon & Kate and now the crazy UFO family. I get why Jon and Kate signed a contract so many years ago to let cameras invade their home to tape their daily lives- $$$, moola, money. They've got 8 children to support so it can't be easy. However, sure enough, the network starts making tons of money off of their show and so do the Gosselin's. Soon they realize they can't hack the fame or Jon can't take Kate berating him for the hundredth time in front of America, so they separate. Now, I could imagine, that getting separated is quite traumatic for children to experience. So they did what every sane, smart, and responsible parent does...they decide to sign on for a couple more seasons! Sure, why not put our children through even more scrutiny and shove them down the mouths of the voracious wolves disguised as the media. Yes, that's the smart thing to do...Seriously? It seems the only one parenting these kids is the TLC Network. And for that they get the 'Worst Parents of the Year Award' if there is one.

Then there was this UFO family who apparently created a scary TV stunt to get PR for their upcoming reality tv show. The husband, who seems bananas, keeps coming out of his house and speaking to the press while his wife tapes him with her hand-held camcorder. On top of that, it looks like they made their kids lie about the whole thing. and just plain creepy.

Here's the deal folks, my husband works in film and TV and he always says 'it's not what it seems to be'. Whether it's reality TV shows or those decorating shows where they say they have 8 hours to finish a project and in 'reality' it takes them 3 full days. I hate to bust your bubble about this but we see what the producers and editors want us to see.  And that my friends is the reality of it.

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