Monday, October 19, 2009


Lately I've been obsessed with finding a bookcase for our apartment. Living in a 1 bedroom in NY can get on your nerves after a while. You have to be smart about decorating and practical about the amount and sizes of furniture you place in the space. There is a small area in our bedroom, next to my husbands night table, that has been neglected. I was measuring it the other day and found 2 different pairs of dirty socks, a dusty bookmark, and old batteries. Apparently this is where my husband puts things he does not have use for or know what to do with. Right now his shelf under his night table is overflowing with books and they either end up on the floor and under the bed. He also has 3 boxes full of books in our storage facility because he refuses to give them away. Enough is enough! We need a bookcase. Plus it will give me a place to store my newly found Nancy Drew books.

I've always been in love with my friends Maggie and Alex's antique barrister bookcase. It's a beautiful 3 piece sectional with glass doors you can pull out. It looks much like this one.

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I also love the distressed look, the mod look, DIY style...I can't just pick one. One day I will live in a big enough apartment or house to have a room of bookcases!

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