Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Secret of the Old Clock

The Mystery at Lilac Inn 
The Clue of the Velvet Mask
The Secret in the Old Attic

Do these sound familiar to you? Growing up I loved Nancy Drew books. I think she began my love affair with mysteries. She had me at the title- The Whispering Statue or The Clue of the Leaning Chimney. I remember staying up past 'lights out' just to read her books. Recently I just started thinking about them again. I know when my nieces are old enough they would love to read them, so I hit up B& to see how much they were selling them for. $7 a piece! Since there are almost 200 of them, this was a bit out of my budget. Quick thinking led me to ebay where I bid and won 12 books to start my collection. I received the box of books 2 weeks ago and haven't put them down since.

Nancy with the help of her father and her best friends Bess and George (love that George is a girls name!) are solving a case, whatever the case may be. And without the use of cell phones or the internet they always catch the culprit. It's old school, in the best way. The writing is simple and lovely and I adore the way Nancy and her girlfriends talk to each other. Instead of 'no way' or 'OMG', they say hypers whenever they get excited. I've never heard of that before! I wonder if hypers was what my grandmother used to say when she was hangin with her girlfriends.

I'd like to start collecting the original books, which are collectors items, but for now it's just Nancy, me and the mystery.

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  1. I love, love, love Nancy Drew!!! I graduated from the Bobsey Twins to Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. But of course, Nancy, Bess, and George were my heroes! I miss those books!! Thanks for taking me on a trip down memory lane. And yes, i agree...the titles always captivate me!

  2. Love her. And I love that her bf's name is George and the housekeeper that looks after her.If you check ebay out you can get a steal on these books. And if you have a child, what a nice thing to pass down, right? xx


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