Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good Things

Wow, what a birthday! I am so lucky to have such great friends and family. I received 16, that's right, 16 happy birthday messages on my phone and great bunch of smiles coming my way on fbook. Not only did I receive lovely messages but I also got a whole mess of birthday cards. My favorite card came from my nieces who drew pictures of me and rainbows.

My girlfriend Melisa over @ the lilbee just had a baby and she still made time to send me a lil gift. I am now the proud recipient of a six month polaroid subscription from Melanie over @ youaremyfave.com
Apparently every month I will receive a bunch of polaroids pictures that reflect my interests. Melisa told her I was interested in travel, dogs, food, and wine. What a unique gift! So now it's not only my birthday month it's my birthday for 6 months!

And, finally, my husband came home with flowers and a small box of cupcakes from Magnolia bakery in hand.

I am one lucky gal. Thanks for the good wishes and love.

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