Tuesday, October 6, 2009

God Spelled Backwards

As we traveled around Thailand we couldn't go 100 feet without seeing a dog. Dogs are everywhere in this country! They are well taken care of and there are many charity based animal clinics that take care of them. Donations and medical supplies are always needed and welcomed. I visited one in Koh Tao, the Koh Tao Animal Clinic.
Some Buddhists believe dogs are very close to God...after all dog is God spelled backwards :) Dogs can not only be your soul mates but also your dharma mates, they get involved in all aspects of your life. I got my dog Floppy from the animal shelter when I was 16 and she passed away when she was 17 years old. I was so lucky to have her in my life for so long and miss her every day. But I hope some day to get a Floppy jr when we move out of our 1 bedroom NY apartment! Below are some doggies we were lucky to meet in and around Thailand.

My girlfriend Melisa over @ The Lil Bee is a big supporter of Save A Sato Foundation which shelters dogs in Puerto Rico. Help support if you can!


  1. awww i like the first and second dogs!

    wait, waht? they're everywhere? like not on a leash or anything? hah!

    that's like the philippines. well, minus the beliefs and stuff.

  2. aren't they adorable :) Seriously, they are everywhere and very well behaved. At first my husband was a little scared because they run up to you or bark a lot, but these are buddhist dogs- they are kind and gentle.

  3. I want to take them all home with me. Right now!! I'm so happy they are so well taken care of. That warms my heart. Not so in Puerto Rico and other parts of the world. I'll never understand how anyone could be anything but loving to a dog...or any animal, for that matter. Whoever you adopt as Floppy Junior will be one lucky munchkin:)


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