Thursday, October 8, 2009

Have Brain, Will Work.

Eeeek. The media biz has gone bonkers! With the recent closing of Gourmet, Cookie, Modern Bride, Elegant Bride and now the crazy layoff's at Bride's magazine, the magazine business is taking a big hit. I am a freelancer and am currently...unemployed :( It's hard to even say the word. I knew I was taking a risk by taking off on our trip for so long but I thought 'if not now, when?'. Luckily my husband, who is a film editor, found a gig soon after we arrived back or else we would be looking for a new place to live.

My bf melisa and I were speaking about the situation and how scary it is out there. We both agreed that we've got to find other outlets to showcase our abilities and talents. Companies have put the kibosh on hiring freelancers and there aren't any new jobs opening up because they keep closing magazines. The alternative is online magazines, which I don't think have caught on as much as they should have. I do read several online but there is nothing like getting that one magazine in your mailbox that you look forward to reading from cover to cover. I felt that way about Blueprint magazine which also folded. It was Martha Stewart's answer to style for 30-somethings. I kept every issue of the magazine and often refer to it for inspiration. What is your favorite magazine?

So, who knows....who knows how long I'll be out of a job and who knows how long this ugly habit of shutting down magazines will last. In the meantime, I'll just reminisce about my journey through Asia and get excited about my next trip (Napa, CA next month!).

Enjoy this hilarious video about the industry from John Stewart.
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  1. Well, Mel, you are creative, smart and have a good support system. You will find your way out of this mess of unemployment. Keep writing. It's good. S.


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