Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Last Minute Take-Off

This past weekend Jason and I were all set to go to Vermont, a vacation we had planned for months with our friends Heather and Danny. I've been stuck in our apartment for the past 5 months feeling icky and was soooo looking forward to getting out of here. But, as luck would have it, we were blessed with another huge snow storm in NY. Due to the foot of snow settling on the ground we decided it would not be in our best interest to drive 4+ hours up to Vermont in a crazy storm.

Suddenly I felt the walls coming in and was determined NOT to spend another winter storm stuck in our shoe box apartment. So I decided at the last minute, and I mean the last minute, that we should hop on a plane and take off to Florida to visit my brother and his family. This hasty decision was made last Thursday @ 6pm. I got us 2 tickets to Florida set to take off at 9:30 pm that night. I loaded a suitcase up with random clothes, picked my husband up from work, and headed to JFK. Luckily the plane left on time and we landed safely. All in the name of vacation.

And how lovely it was! We had a wonderful time visiting my brother, his wife, and my 7 month yr old nephew Chase. We took loads of pictures, played in the sand with Chase, watched dolphins swim by us, and drank our morning coffee in the sun. They live on the beach so waking up to waves crashing and the sun shining was just what the doctor ordered.

To those who got stuck in the storm, I hope you made the best of it and got to enjoy the snow (unlike my bf Melisa who's power is STILL out).

Pix of Jason & Chase on the beach :)


  1. that's awesome! exactly what life is about, in my book. school is going better now that i'm taking it more seriously, thanks for asking! what have you been up to besides VACATIONING ? : )

  2. That is so awesome! I love spur of the moment decisions. Sometimes they can turn out the best!

  3. I love this spontanous action! Warm Florida sounds so much better than VT. No offense, VT, but I'm in need of some sunshine too.

  4. Glad to hear that school is getting better. Nothing else new around here...just waiting for the spring to come!


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