Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hospitable Guests

As you know, I love to travel. There are times when Jason and I visit and we stay with family and friends. I believe that when you are staying at someone's house for a weekend or a week you should make yourself as hospitable as you can, since your hosts are kind enough to put you up for your stay. Usually hospitality refers to the responsibility of the host but I think it can go both ways.

I have a list of rules or do's and dont's when it comes to hosting or being hosted by guests. One of our rules is to buy or pitch in for groceries. Often we have different tastes than our hosts/guests or are in need of our morning OJ or afternoon tea. There's nothing more annoying than having guests over and come Monday morning to find there's no bread left for your toast or that someone ate the 2 bags of chips you just bought. When Jason and I were in Florida visiting my brother last week one of the first things we did was head to the grocery store. We made a list of items everyone wanted and bought some extra goodies for the weekend. The groceries were for all to eat and we didn't even get through most of it.To me, this is just a small thank you to your guests for letting you stay over for a period of time.

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