Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Couch Potato

Several years ago I bought a beautiful Pottery Barn sectional in white. It was too big to fit in our apartment so I've kept it at my parents house in the meantime. Knock on wood, we will be moving out of this old, size of my foot apartment and into a bigger and better place soon. Every apartment we've looked at so far has a big enough living room to fit my beloved PB couch which means I need to start thinking about covering it. I am looking at several different patterns and shades. These are my top 3, what do you think?

found on calico corners


  1. i don't know what other colors will be in your living room but the stripes look very modern and i love the paisley, too : ) Our black leather couch got MESSED up in a couple of spots because it was hard to fit it around the stair rail and through the door LOL yikes...we should have moved it with the cover on...

  2. You know what, that's a good point. The move may mess up the fabric...


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