Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sawadee kah

That is hello in Thai. We finally made it! 24+ hours on the plane. As you know, I was in Biz Class and it was very nice. The seat became a bed and the service was awesome, not to mention the food. Jason had an open seat next to him and loved the food. He got to pick from several different meal choices and wine. We recommend Singapore Air to anyone flying to Asia- well worth it!

We stopped in Frankfurt for an hour which was very interesting. From the plane it looked like what I would picture it to be- farms, very green, and a lot of German men wearing Euro shoes.

Next Stop was Singapore. Very nice Airport with posh stores. We slept here for a couple hours and then boarded another plane for Bangkok.

Finally made it to Bangkok and took a very long nap. We made dinner reservations @ the Peninsula Hotel. They have a traditional Thai restaurant right on the river. Jay was super psyched to see the sights...and I, of course, was happy to be back at the Peninsula. Their service is amazing and the people are so nice. It was a nice change from NY. The people are so genuine and nice, you almost can't believe it! The next day we headed to Koh Samui @ 6am and then hopped onto a ferry to Koh Phangan. We arrived @ at the Drop Inn Resort and Spa, which is FAR from a resort. But it's the best hotel on this side of the island. We are on Haad Rin Beach and the location is great, but the room is totally not worth the price. We have a suite, but it's very run down. The main goal here is to relax and party. From 7-midnight they play techno at the pool bar and, from what I could hear, everyone gathers for a beer and a quick robot dance before heading out to the beach for the evening. At night the beach is where all of the action is. Bars and small alcohol booths open up to throngs of people ready to buy a drink and sit on the beach or dance to some crazy music.

The heat is BANANAS here...Thank goodness for A/C!! We had lunch on the beach yesterday and then headed back to the hotel for a quick nap. A quick nap turned into 13 hours of sleep- So now we are caught up on our sleep and ready to go. We are headed to breakfast now and then will catch some rays at the beach. We are 11 hours Ahead and can Skype here, so please let us know what time you can talk!!

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