Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Spider Man Is Having Me For Dinner Tonight*

Oh the little buggers! Not only have we met some interesting people in Thailand, but we've also met a ton of interesting bugs. We've got mosquitos, spiders, frogs, birds, snails (my fav), red ants, geckos everywhere, and wasps....just to name a few. The spiders are quite big and they jump! They def. feast on us in the night. Yesterday I was watching a Thai news program & they showed several different tarantulas and then flashed to a man laying in a hospital bed. I'm going to assume he was bit by these monstrous creatures! The news program went on to show what spiders to avoid- I'll be avoiding all of them, thank you.
Last night Jay and I proved to ourselves we were complete wimps. A large (I'd say the size of the ENTIRE hand) spider dropped from a wall as we were walking out of our hotel room. Instead of walking or running by, we stood frozen. I started whispering to Jay- as if the spider could hear yes- that we must turn around slowly and head back into our room. Then (picture an Indiana Jones scene) Jay opened his water bottle and splashed the spider. It then ran up the wall never to be seen again. Yes, my hero!

*Cheers to those who got the Cure reference!

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