Saturday, May 2, 2009

Koh Samui Smiles

Here we are arriving @ the Koh Samui Airport!


  1. on the beach and Peninsula Hotel...that's classic!

  2. How wonderful to share this trip of a lifetime. And you said your mother was not invited to come along. Ha! Ha!

  3. sounds like you are very happy!! love it. everything is good here, will check on the apt.
    this week. ill be in CT Tues-Sat.

  4. It is so amazing of you to be taking the time so that the rest of us can be sharing in these experiences with you! - ... especially that these days I think I would only have the energy to experience it vicariously :)

    Tell Buddah that Jason will gladly share his birthday celebration with him. I'm sure this is going to be one birthday that will be unlike any other you have ever celebrated, Jay. May it be a blessed year, for you both.
    All my love, Hope

  5. Great speaking to you this morning. You remembered what day it is. Hadn't opened my gift at the time. Thank you,Jay and Mel. It's perfect.
    Have a great time at your next destination. Be speaking to you soon.


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