Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to Jason!

To my love,
Happy birthday to the most wonderful, kind, happy, generous, kind-hearted, loving and good-looking man I know!! Cheers to a memorable one!

Sleeping beauty on his birthday. Today we are going to charter a boat to another part of the island and go kayaking. Then off to a nice birthday dinner (if we can find one on the island!) and out to the beach for the evening.


  1. It is so amazing of you to be taking the time so that the rest of us can be sharing in these experiences with you! - ... especially that these days I think I would only have the energy to experience it vicariously :)

    Tell Buddah that Jason will gladly share his birthday celebration with him. I'm sure this is going to be one birthday that will be unlike any other you have ever celebrated, Jay. May it be a blessed year, for you both.
    All my love, Hope

  2. Hey, birthday boy, have a happy. As far as dad and I are concerned, the most important person born on that day was you, not Buddha. We are so glad to be able to follow your trip. Hey, sleeping beauty, wake up.

    Have a really great birthday and trip.

  3. For sure he needs his sleeping beauty.
    Happy Birthday, son
    I love you very very much and I am hoping that you and Mel are the time of your life.


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