Monday, December 14, 2009

Catching Butterflies

I just back from a lovely dinner with my mom and my aunt Heidi and uncle Gerald. After dinner we took a drive through their old neighborhood and my aunt reminisced about her summers as a child. She used to walk around with her friends picking flowers and catching butterflies. No cell phones, no curfew...not a care in the world :)


Pictures courtesy of weheartit.com


  1. aww that sure does sound nice. this reminds me of one of my dreams, to buy a home in the countryside and raise my kids there : ) thanks for the kind words, but don't let my ocd fool you LOL

  2. Love the butterfly bouquet! Where did you find this image?

  3. no cellphones, no internet, what a great life would that be... or not? :P

    btw: have you read the book "the tao of pooh"? might be something you like... I'm going to get it these days.


  4. Isn't it a lovely memory? I never thought of catching a butterfly, I would just stare at them until they flew away. But I used to love catching firefly's!

    Alisa, the photos all came from

    I've never read the tao of pooh, but it is now on my holiday wish list!


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