Monday, December 21, 2009

Wrap It Up Right

There is nothing more annoying than cheap, thin wrapping paper. I just finished wrapping half of my gifts and already went through several rolls of paper. The cheap, thin paper I bought kept ripping every time I would place a gift box on it. Just about every gift I wrapped has a tear on it! Wrapping paper always seems so expensive, especially holiday paper. And I get end up throwing out the paper anyway (unless you are my aunt who saves the wrapping paper and reuses it the following year).  But there is something to be said about a beautifully wrapped gift!

I am now making a promise to myself to pay the extra $$ next year and buy paper that stands up to a box full of goodies. Here are some I have my eye on.

Crate & Barrel Snowball Fight Wrapping Paper

Smockpaper's Savoy Gift Wrap

Paper-Source Winter Tweets

Paper-Source Santas Wrapping Paper

Amazon Hanukkah Paper


  1. oo how pretty!! we are such grinchies at my house this year, we don't even have lights up LOL inexcusable. but i did wrap gifts! and i have a little Glade gingerbread candle : )

    i also have to be careful when wrapping gifts on the carpet. tears come more easily that way.

    thats so funny, saving the wrapping paper for next year. mine is always ripped to shreds. but a good way to save on the good stuff is by buying it after Christmas for the next year, when it all goes on sale! woo hoo!

    maybe you can show us when u get it? i love the first one...

    hahaha i was spastic too at first. i just now learned how to use liquid eyeliner and i still mess up all over the place with my shaky hands and blinking eyes lol

    merry christmas!

  2. such lovely finds!!!

    have a merry christmas, and thanks for stopping by my blog, i always enjoy your comments!!!



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