Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Have A Holly Jolly Holiday

Seems like a nice concept, right? The holidays bring delicious food, wonderful gifts, yummy cookies, Since I just spent 2 weeks with my mother, and now we are going back for more, I know a little bit about family and stress. Here are my tips for getting through the holidays with your loved ones.

BREATHE. I mean really breathe. Take a minute. sit down, and calmly breathe in through your nose feeling the breathe move through your chest and down to your stomach. Gently release. Try this for 2 minutes and you'll feel your nerves calm down a bit.

LAUGH. Try not to take everything to heart. Someone is bound to drink a little too much, or say something inappropriate. The holidays come once a year so try to shake it off and know that it's one of the many stories you can laugh about in years to come. 

ASK FOR HELP. If you are the one entertaining and cooking, enlist the help of those who came to partake. Everyone can either bring a little something or they can help you in the kitchen- mash the potatoes, throw together the salad, place the bread on the table, etc.

Hope these help! I look forward to hearing and reading the great stories you will have after this is all over!!

A family that meditates together...stays sane together!

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