Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Heat Wave Hell

It is seriously hot in NYC this week. So I am trying to keep myself busy in a/c filled rooms only. This week I'm getting the 'baby section' in our bedroom ready since she's going to be sleeping in our room for the first couple months.

I got a fab bassinet from my girlfriends Ann and Kristen, so I washed her comfy sheets and dressed her bed. The bassinet plays soft lullabies and rocks by itself with a touch of a button. I also cleared off my dresser to make room for her changing pad and diaper caddy filled with diapers and Mustela products. I've also got a diaper genie and a white wicker basket for her dirty clothes placed in the corner. Luckily our new apartment has large bedrooms and we can fit her necessities and ours with room to spare.

The First Years Sway 'N Soothe Auto Rocking Bassinet by Learning Curve

Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Newborn Diapers & Wipes

Baby Mustela Newborn Gift Set


  1. I see nothing about the boat dress that your friend Melisa made from scratch. I will take this as my cue to refinish the neckline of said dress quickly, so that Juliet can wear it when she has her first play date with Devon.

    PS: That bassinet is really pretty!

  2. U know what? I completely forgot about her dress! Baby brain. I can't wait to get it and have her wear it this summer while she lunches with Devon and aunt mel.

  3. what a cute bassinet! yea i can't imagine how much the heat sucks right now. i have one friend due in november and another due next month. maybe an evening trip to the beach will be a nice cool down? ( :


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