Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mommy Clothes

Well it's official (it's been for a while actually!) I am in the market for maternity clothes. Girls, there are some UGLY mommy clothes out there. Dresses that put on 10 pounds during a time when you don't need any extra poundage, shirts that 'accentuate' your belly, lots of brown polyester stretchy outfits...I can go on. I however found some cute outfits that are pretty, without making me feel like the house that I am!

Love, love this maxi dress. It comes in all sizes. They don't sell maternity so I just ordered large sizes.

This maxi jersey dress in Black hides what I need hidden!

You'll need a nice strapless bra or fitting tank to go under this cute little number.

The Moody Mama's line @ Target is in.


  1. Congratulations Melanie!! Maxi dresses make great maternity dresses, and sometimes you can still wear them afterwards if they're not too tentlike :-). Is this your first baby? I'm pregnant too (6 months) with my 2nd. Hope you're feeling well!

  2. woOt!! congratulations! I think that little black dress is perfect : )

  3. I love the dress in the second to last pic! I'm so looking forward to being preggers again. There is so much great stuff on the market that wasn't out there when I was in the family way just a couple years ago.

  4. Thanks ladies! If I only looked as good as those pregnant models...!


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