Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shopping For A Cause

In the mood to give back a little? The Somali Mam Foundation is launching a line of products made by sex slave survivors. All proceeds will go to the foundation.

Press Release
The product launch will feature the Somaly Mam empowerment scarves and pendants. Both carry the heart and hand symbol designed by Somaly Mam. This iconic design serves as a reminder that the world will only be changed when we bring together hearts and hands, merging compassion with action.
“This is a milestone event for the survivors of modern day slavery. It embodies Somaly Mam’s personal strength and commitment to eradicating human trafficking and helping its victims rebuild their lives. Survivors are taking their futures into their own hands by raising their voices and creating products that share their message of empowerment and freedom with the world,” says Bill Livermore, Executive Director of the Somaly Mam Foundation. 


  1. What a beautiful concept. I love that necklace. Hopefully someday we can eradicate this tragic trade!

  2. those are beautiful. one of the movie choices i have for my Sociology of Deviance paper is called "Born into Brothels". you seen it? i haven't yet but this is what it's about.

  3. Yes, I've seen it- it's a must watch. Very moving & heart wrenching. The ending is both joyous and sad. You can get an update on the children featured in the film on their website.
    After you've seen it, do a post on it!!


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