Wednesday, September 23, 2009

There's a Buddha for You- Monday thru Sunday!

For every day of the week there is at least one Buddha statue assigned to that day. Most Buddhists believe that there is a connection between the day they were born and the Buddha statue assigned to that day. Each statue relates to a major event in Buddha's life. When praying in the temple people often go to statue of their day of birth to make offerings and pray.

As we traveled through Asia we realized that every country's Buddhist beliefs were a bit different from each other. The short answer to this was based on who introduced the practice to them. For instance, if it came from India it may have Jainism influences and if it came from Tibet it will have Tibetan Buddhist influences.

What Buddha Are You?
The Seven Buddhas

For Those Born on MONDAY
: This image represents Buddha performing a miracle by calming the ocean.
color: Black
Unlucky color: Orange

For Those Born on TUESDAY:
The 'Reclining Buddha'. This pose represents Buddha's death and entering his final nirvana.
color: Yellow
Unlucky color: White

For Those Born on WEDNESDAY Morning & Night:
Two images represent Wednesday- one for the morning and one for the evening.
The morning statue is Buddha holding an alms bowl which shows him as a monk and how monks, even in the present day, receive their food for the day.
Lucky color: Green
Unlucky color: Pink
The evening statue represents Buddha meditating in the forest. When the monks would argue he would retreat to the forest where he would meditate and worship with the forest animals.
Lucky color: White
Unlucky color: Yellow

For Those Born on THURSDAY:
The 'Meditating Buddha'. He was determined to meditate under the Bodhi-Tree until he achieved enlightenment and find the cause of suffering.
color: Orange
Unlucky color: Black

For Those Born on FRIDAY:
The 'Contemplating Buddha' symbolizes complete spiritual transformation.
color: Pink
Unlucky color: Light Green

For Those Born on SATURDAY:
While Buddha was meditating it began to rain heavily. The Naga-King rose from the earth and formed an umbrella with his 7 heads in order to protect the Buddha.
color: Blue
Unlucky color: Green

For Those Born on SUNDAY:
The Buddha contemplates his achievement of enlightenment that he achieved under the Bodhi-tree. After enlightenment, he looked at the tree for 7 days without blinking and realized the suffering of all beings, including that of the tree.
Lucky color: Green
Unlucky color: Blue


  1. interesting, you know so much more about the buddhism than I do. I'm drawn to it, since my family is from origin buddhist, and I always light my scents when I pass a temple. But other than that, I don't know that much about the buddhism culture... it's quite a shame!


  2. oh, I'm still learning. But it helps when u are surrounded by it in Buddhist country as we were. If you love yourself and all living and non-living are half-way there!

  3. I totally agree with you Melanie Lace.

  4. If you don't mind, could I post some of your article on my blog? Thanks in advance.


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